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  • 2016年12月音乐会


  • SCC-比阿特丽斯 offers a wide range of musical experiences forstudents of all experience levels.

    • 钢琴私教, 的声音, and strings gives students an opportunity to develop at their own pace.
    • Performing groups such as the SCC Choir and After the Storm (SCC’s select vocal ensemble) provide camaraderie and team building as you prepare music with other dedicated music students.
    • State-of-the-art music technology lab (complete with Musition, Auralia, Mixcraft Pro Studio 6, Sibelius) available to all music students.
    • Introductory courses that fulfill 人文学科 requirements at most 4-year colleges and universities: Introduction to 音乐 (音乐Appreciation); Introduction to American 音乐; World 音乐; 历史 of Rock 音乐 (all are offered face-to-face as well as online)
    • 音乐理论: 音乐理论I, II, III and IV represent the first two years of college or university-level theory classes. 音乐理论I is also offered in two separate individual study modules. All theory courses are offered face-to-face; 音乐理论I is offered online, as well.)
    • 合唱音乐奖学金, 每个学期有哪些课程, can cover a significant portion of your tuition. 在线申请.
      Dr. 肯Hoppmann
      Co-Chair, 人文学科/Instructor of 音乐
      比阿特丽斯, NE 68310

    All students are encouraged to participate in free 人文学科 Club activities on campus.

  • Dr. 乔恩·格鲁特:合唱团、人声、戏剧

    Dr. 肯Hoppmann: 人文学科 Department Chair, Piano, 音乐 历史, 音乐 Theory

    夫人. Karen Eisenhauer: Voice, 音乐 历史

    Dr. 大卫·卡姆兰:音乐历史

    Dr. 史黛西·莱特纳:音乐历史

    Katie Mersch:声音,音乐理论

    Dr. Aaron Stroessner: Guitar, 音乐 历史

    Dr. Svetlana Yashirin: 音乐 历史, 音乐 Theory

    MUSC1010: Introduction to 音乐 (音乐 Appreciation): 3.0学期学分
    Focuses on musical development of Western European classical music. Get to know some of the big names: Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin! **SCC核心课程

    MUSC2750: Introduction to American 音乐: 3.0学期学分
    Traces the fascinating development from the Colonial times to present. Includes pop, country, urban folk, jazz, as well as mainstream 20th century “classical” music.

    MUSC2800: Introduction to World 音乐: 3.0学期学分 (也满足多样性要求)
    引人入胜,视野开阔, this course examines many different world cultures through the lens of their music. Includes music of India, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Africa, as well as some aspects of Europe. 看看这个世界,或者至少听听这个世界! **SCC核心课程

    摇滚音乐史: 3.0学期学分
    Where did our popular music come from, and where is it headed? This course examines world-changing social and cultural developments through the lens of popular music.

    音乐理论I: 4.0学期学分
    这正是你所需要的! 它会帮助你理解符号, 节奏, meter, 尺度, 键, 时间间隔, 三合会, 七和弦, 倒置和图形低音. You’ll also spend time working on sight singing, dictation and keyboard theory skills. 音乐理论I content is also offered in two separate 2-credit individual instruction modules—MUSC1611 and MUSC1612.

    音乐理论II: 4.0学期学分
    How did composers of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods handle composition? 你将专注于和弦进行, 韵律, 协调, and form and learn their time-honored methods!

    MUSC1630: 音乐理论III and MUSC1640: 音乐理论IV: 4.0学期学分
    Continue working on advanced theory concepts such as secondary dominants, 减少了第七, 增强人们常常, 9th, 11th, 第13和弦, 和半音和声.

    性能课程: 1.0学期学分 每一门(课程可重复)


    MUSC1430: After the Storm (select vocal ensemble)

    MUSC1015: Individual Instruction in Voice (private lessons)

    MUSC2520: Individual Instruction in Piano (private lessons)

    MUSC2521: Individual Instruction in Strings (private lessons, including guitar)