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Nokia Symbian 60 applications

Here you can find all kinds of Nokia software Applications for the following Nokia models: 3230, 3250, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 5500, 5700, 6110, 6260, 6290, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, 7650, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90, N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N90, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95
Exovirus Stop
Exovirus Stop is Nokia Software which protects your Nokia from all kinds of different mobile virusses and troyans
Camcorder Pro 3.7.5
Camcorder Pro 3.7.5 is a video recorder for the nokia 3650 and 6600, this software makes it really easy to record your own mobile videos
Autolock is a small and easy to use application which automatically locks your nokia keyboard
UltraMP3 Nokia Software is not only an MP3 player for you Nokia phone, it also plays MOD, XM, IT, S3M and OGG files, it has a custom playlist editor and it is even shipped with different skins. If you want you can also easily create your own UltraMP3 skin
Unlockme gives you the possibility to recover forgotten security codes, install and run the software and after some minutes it will tell you the unlock code configured in the phone
Opera Mini 4
Opera mini is the little brother of the opera desktop browser, so this time you will be able to waste all your GPRS traffic using this webclient
Mabber 2.0
Mabber 2.0 is a mobile-based instant messaging service which integrates your buddylist from the most popular instant messengers such as MSN, icq, AIM, yahoo and google talk into one mobile chat application.
Webgate Advanced Device Locks
Advanced Device Locks is wat it says, an advanced locking tool for your Nokia phone, you are not only able to lock you telephone but also separate applications, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other. it raises the security level seriously. choose one of the next options to lock your phone:
Always - each time the phone is turned on, it asks for the unlock code.
Realplayer is the wellknown mediaplayer rebuild to play music and video, now available as nokia software download
Flashlite Clocks
This Nokia Software is actually a screensaver or background for your Nokia S60 phone, it displays a round working flash clock on the front of your Nokia
This is a mobile Winrar tool which is actually based on WildPalm Zipman, since memorycards have less data then a computer harddisk this small rar tool might come in handy…
Telecom RingOut Tone
Telecom Ringout Tone is a small application which makes it possible to change your Nokia dial out tone with custom tones. So stop listening to annoying ringing sounds when calling somebody but start listening to some of your coolest media tones installed
Mobile Gmaps
Mobile Gmaps is a map reader for nokia which can read Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual Earth), and some other sources. You can even connect a bluetooth GPS receiver to your phone in order to start calculating routes.
X-Plore is a video player for S60 Nokia phones with some of the next built in features:
* View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *
* Integrated text and image viewer
* View file details
* Edit file attriutes (hidder, read-only, etc)
* Rename and delete files
* Create or edit text files
* Create folders
* Multi-selectio
This counter can be used by muslims, its a small flash application which works with the build in Nokia flash player
Smartmovie 3.41
Smartmovie is a mobile videoconverter for nokia
iSilo gives you the possibility to view formatted HTML emails. You can view images, bold text, underlined text and much more on your nokia. Requirements: Symbian Series 60 and 600K of available memory
if you are preparing for gre prepguide is a must have application
Ulead Photo Express
Ulead Photo Express is editing software which makes it possible to retouch photos or add frames directly on your Nokia
Airway Chat
Airway Chat is a real-time free chatclient for your Nokia phone, your nokia must be Java MIDP 2.0 enabled. Compatible Nokia phones are: Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 7610, Nokia 9210 Communicator, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia N93
Orange Clock screensaver
an easy orange Clock screensaver for your nokia phone
Pink Clock screensaver
an easy to install pink clock screensaver for your S60 nokia phone
Arab Clock screensaver
This screensaver shows the current time in arabic characters
Slick chat client
Slick is a chat client which supports the ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN protocol with different features such as chat history
SMSface 2.0
SMSface shows the pictures of your buddies next to their SMS messages. So whenever you receive a new SMS message on your nokia, you will see who has submitted it to you
Seleq is a Mobile system explorer for your nokia phone which gives you the possibility to view all files in your phone, including the hidden, archive and readyonly files
Autoexec 1.1.0
Autoexec gives you the possibility to select files or programs which needs to be launched automatically when the phone is switched on.
Panda Security Beta
Panda security for Nokia is the well known scanning software in a mobile format, this is a beta version, so not the full version yet. You can use the next test user and password to update your antivirus definitions: -use ID CCF2276EGU and password-A6D2DGVW
Musicplayer 2.51
Musicplayer 2.51 is a nice and easy to use MP3 player for your Nokia phone
Bitdefender is again one of the famous antivirus programs which is now available as Nokia software
Mediasafe gives you the possibility to protect and encrypt your mobile files on your Nokia
Guitar Tuner
With this guitar tuner you can easily tune your guitar without any additional equipment, just boot the software and use your Nokia build in microphone as a receiver
Mig33 beta
this is a beta version of this new Chat client for nokia phones
protect your pictures from being viewed by people who dont have your password
Congee gives you the possibility to transfer files using your nokia, transfer them through MSN, email or SMS using your Nokia.

Congee iscompatible with: Nokia 3230/6260/6600/6620/6630/6670/6680/6681/6682/7610/N70/N72/N90
Panasonic X700/X800
Samsung SGH-D720/D730/Z600
Largetime for nokia is a screensaver which displays the current time in large letters, if you can't read this you need a Nokia with a larger display…
Huma 7 Note is an amazing virtual piano for your Nokia. The application, which does not have analogs! and present to your attention the virtual piano, where you play without pressing on the buttons of your smartfona! You should only draw virtual keys on the white sheet of paper, include the camera of telephone and place it in this position that the region of pressure would coincide with the red re
Voice Translator English French
this application might be usefull when visiting france or any other french speaking country, just say your word in english, and the software will translate it to french
Flashlite 2.1
this flashplayer for nokia is based on the standard version 7 player. This flash player is compatible with the following Nokia phones:
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
HandyZip is a handy zip tool for Nokia phones, so if you receive a Zip file on your nokia, you will finally be able to open it without having to wait untill you arrive home first… once you use it you never want to miss this nokia software again!
Geominder is a geographic reminder tool for Nokia, this means, when you need to set a reminder to buy cheese at the supermarket, just put the supermarket location next to it, and when you pass the supermarket, the reminder will let you know to buy cheese... Geominder uses mobile network's cell id information and doesn't require an extra GPS device.
Philips Camcorder Pro
great video recording software for nokia phones
Real One Player
This is a real player which supports Helix Program
Opera v6.2
again an other version of the webbrowser for nokia phones
TeaShark Browser
TeaShark is a less known, yet very handy webbrowser for your nokia phone, you will be amazed with its powers!
Brains Theft
This usefull nokia software tool might help you to recover your stolen nokia, from the moment a new SIM card is entered in the phone, the phone will send you an SMS with the phonenumber of the thief, it will show a message on the screen " this phone has been stolen " This appliation might hang your Nokia n70, n72, 90
WebGate Advanced Call Manager v2.00
Webgate Advanced Call Manager 2.00 for nokia will handle incoming calls for you and personalize your approach to the callers - answer with a busy tone, send a kind SMS or play a personal greeting.
The Advanced Call Manager has several handy features:
* Accept all calls
(inactive) *
Reject all calls
* Accept Phonebook only
* Reject from black list
Agile Messenger
Agile messenger is a mobile messenger application for nokia which is easy to learn and understand
Animator for Nokia
Appman v1.04
Appman is some sort of taskmanager for Nokia phones, you can easily view all running processes on your phone and kill the ones you don't need to speed up your phone.
Bemused is a system which allows you to control Winamp and several other programs using your Nokia 7650 or 3650
Call Counter
make it easier to track your phone bill with this call counter for Nokia
Controlfreak 2.22
Controlfreak is a small application which you need to install on both your Nokia phone and your desktop and which makes you able to control your winamp over your phone
Doris Browser 1.15
Doris Browser is a small yet very handy webbrowser which can be installed on your nokia phone
Fexplorer is an easy to use file explorer for Nokia phones, you can easily browse, rename, delete and do many other options with each and every file installed on your Nokia phone
Plenware Gina
GINA is an intelligent filtering application that secures the confidential data traffic of your mobile phone or device in a separate encrypted, password-controlled folder
use Zenomorph to instantly transform pictures shot with your Nokia
Activedesk 2.50 S60
Activedesk lets you personalise and customise your Series 60 imaging phone. The application allows you to fully customize the display - including choosing wallpapers (“skins”), text colours, and operator logos. Active Desk provides five information rich, full featured, customisable views of the key information stored on your Series 60 phone, including calendar entries, to-dos and messages. The com
Google Mobile S60
Google Mobile is the popular chatclient made compatible with Nokia S60 phones.

Features: Safe, direct connect to Google server via SSL/TLS. No intermediate servers. Multiple simultaneous chats, easy to change between chats. Full features, presence, adding/deleting contacts and saving chats to local database. Autoconnect feature, helps with network problems. Google mail alerts and snippets

Autolock S60
This small application allows you to choose a specific timeout after which your Nokia phone will automatically lock.
Anticomm Warrior
This software package for nokia Symbian 60 phones allows you to scan your nokia phone for mobile virusses. Let the risk of getting infected with a mobile virus for ever go…
Calcium Calculator
Calcium is a very simple and easy to use calculator for all Symbian 60 enabled phones
Call Recorder 1.03
the name of the applocation says it all: this is a call recorder for Symbian 60 Nokia phones
Advanced Call Recorder 2.19
this call recorder is a more advanced version of the call recorder 1.03 for Symbian 60 enabled phones
Xvid Codec S60
this codec is a must for all media freaks which want to be able to watch movies all the time. This application allows you to view Xvid encoded videos on your nokia wherever you are
S60 DVD Player
a DVD player for all your symbian 60 OS mobile phones
N6600 File Manager
make managing your files stored on your phone or your phones memorycard easy with this filemanager for nokia N6600
Foto Fun Pack 1.04
edit all photos you just took, add a moustache or do something funny with them. This Foto Fun Pack has multiple possibilities
Madmixer 1.0
Madmixer allows you to mess around with all your audio files stored on your media card or your phone. Convert them easily to midi files or other formats which are suitable for your nokia phone
Nokia 6600 MP3 Codec
This codec makes it possible to listen or play MP3 files on your nokia 6600. A must have for people who want to listen to some auto on their nokia 6600 on the go…
Periodic table
this application is simple, but yet it can be usefull at school: the periodic table for S60 enabled nokia phones
Super bluetooth hack
Super Bluetooth Hack v 1.6 This application is the best as per its name. Once connected to a another phone via bluetooth you can: - read his messages - read his contacts - change profile - play his ringtone even if phone is on silent - play his songs(in his phone) - restart the phone - switch off the phone - restore factory settings - change ringing volume - And here comes the best
Natural Recorder
Natural Record is again one of those popular voice recorders for symbian 60 enabled nokia phones
Eyespy FX
Using a standard web cam EyeSpyFX - Mobile will broadcast a web cam page that is optimised to suit your mobile phone. It also broadcasts a live web cam page viewable on a regular PC browser. The PC that is broadcasting can have a fixed or dynamically assigned IP address. When the software is on it sends a "live" message to the EyeSpyFX Live Listings with the camera name and address. The live listi
Poker Clock
The Poker Clock is an outstanding mobile application for creating and managing poker tournaments! Just with a deck of cards in your pocket and the Poker Clock in your mobile you can set up a Poker tournament almost anywhere. Poker Clock guides your tournament according the official rules of the game.
Parking Buddy
How much did I have time left in the parking meter again? Does this sound too familiar? Do you tend to ask this yourself often? No need to worry, now there is a solution. Your boss or client doesn’t get offended if your too long lasting meeting gets finished with an alarm of this hilarious application.
Egg Timer
the name says it all: an Egg Timer which can be installed on your Nokia S60 phone
Egg Timer
Nokia Egg Timer
Parking Buddy
Nokia Parking Buddy
Poker Clock
Poker Clock for Nokia S60
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
3D Minigolf Nokia S60
3D Minigolf for Nokia S60
Capsule SE
Capsule SE Nokia S60 Game
Dark Kioko
Dark Kioko Nokia Pinball game
A Bad Day in Space
A Bad Day in Space
Capjong Nokia S60 game
Alien Pinball for nokia S60
Alien Pinball for Nokia
Williams F1 Pinball
Williams F1 Pinball
Total Air Mayhem 1942
Total Air Mayhem 1942
3D Sudoku
Nokia S60 3D Sudoku
Soccer Pinball 3
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 3rd edit
Soccer Pinball 1 2
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 1st and 2nd edit