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Nokia 80 series games

Here you can find all kinds of Nokia software games for the following Nokia models: 7710,9210,9210i,9300,9500
Rotation is an addicitive game for Nokia 7710
Pirates Of the carribean 3
the game based on the movie Pirates of the carribean 3 now available for your Nokia 7710 phone
Virtual Tennis
game, set, match! This is virtual tennis for nokia, almost as addictive as playing real tennis!
Soldier Ants
Soldier Ants is like Worms for PC, you must kill the other colored ants before they kill you… use bombs, shotguns or a whole lot of other tools to finish your opponent first. and all this is now available as nokia software!
Soldier Ants SIS file
Soldier Ants is like Worms for PC, you must kill the other colored ants before they kill you… use bombs, shotguns or a whole lot of other tools to finish your opponent first… this is the SIS file version
Gravity Defied
Race through the parcours as fast as possible to beat the fastest time!
Ping Pong
Ping Pong for Nokia 7710, an easy to play game
Vrally is a cool racing game for nokia, just drive your mini car to the finish before your opponents arrive
Eggstreme is an addictive puzzle game for Nokia. Your country is invaded by the Eggatrons and its your turn to restore the peace and destroy all Eggatrons. Funny, simple, and addicting game. you will like this nokia software for sure!
S80 Gomoku
Gomoku is the classic Chinese strategy board game now available for your PDA! Insanely addictive, L3's Gomuku will challenge and entertain you. Gomoku is based on the ancient board game first played in China thousands of years ago. The objective seems simple: place your stones on the playing board to get five in a row while keeping your computer opponent from doing the same. But be careful: yo
A port of the classic Lunar Lander arcade game, Moon Shot's graphics and controls have been optimized for the Nokia Communicator. You can fly the LEM through a variety of different screens and terrains, with landing sites that are easy or almost impossible. To make things even more interesting you can choose three different levels of fuel, and three gravity strengths. You earn points based on s
Poker Puzzle
Poker Puzzle combines the fun of Poker with a slide puzzle game to create a whole new way of entertaining yourself with your mobile device! For each hand, the dealer is dealt 5 cards, and you get 24. Your task is to slide your cards around the puzzle board to make the best hand on the red row. Tap a card next to the blank space to slide it, and remember you must contruct your winning hand on th
SubChase is a fast paced action game! You command a destroyer in the North Atlantic. Your mission: stop the submarines by dropping powerful depth charges! But watch out... you're under attack from above and below! Not only do the submarines fight back with torpedos, you're being bombed by relentless enemy aircraft! Get hit too many times and you will sink. You score points by destroying the
Asteroid Blast
AsteroidBlast is an updated version of the classic space shoot-em-up arcade game. Hours of fun for everyone! Infinite levels Full screen professional graphics Lifeboat pickups and bad guys for bonus points on advanced levels Smooth, fast, colorful action 5 way click control Advanced ship has force fields and acceleration If you ever played the arcade game, you'll find Ast
Egg Timer
Nokia Egg Timer
Parking Buddy
Nokia Parking Buddy
Poker Clock
Poker Clock for Nokia S60
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
Random Equal Nokia Braintrainer
3D Minigolf Nokia S60
3D Minigolf for Nokia S60
Capsule SE
Capsule SE Nokia S60 Game
Dark Kioko
Dark Kioko Nokia Pinball game
A Bad Day in Space
A Bad Day in Space
Capjong Nokia S60 game
Alien Pinball for nokia S60
Alien Pinball for Nokia
Williams F1 Pinball
Williams F1 Pinball
Total Air Mayhem 1942
Total Air Mayhem 1942
3D Sudoku
Nokia S60 3D Sudoku
Soccer Pinball 3
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 3rd edit
Soccer Pinball 1 2
Soccer Pinball Nokia S60 1st and 2nd edit